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Alexa & Jeremiah | Lake Anna Virginia Wedding Photography

Alexa & Jeremiah have some amazing family and friends that helped to make their wedding day memorable. The ceremony and reception took place at a friends, a beautiful property right on Lake Anna. Alexa’s wedding dress was made by her mom, Karen, and looked stunning on her! Alexa’s friend, Holly, did her hair and make-up. Nine cakes, several cupcakes, and special candies in the shape of a VT logo, were all made by Karen and Alexa’s sister, Cayla. Jeremiah himself led the catering effort by staying up most of the night roasting a whole pig for all of the guests. All of this hard work really paid off!

This was also the first wedding I have had to grab all of my gear and run for cover. A storm came rolling towards the tent and my assistant, Bethany, said we needed to run for the house so we did. Right after we made it inside, it downpoured and just about everything under the tent was soaked! And as luck turns out, the storm went on through and the ceremony and reception still took place outside as planned with the sun shining on Alexa & Jeremiah during their vows!



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