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Kristin & Jacob | Dogtown Pizza Floyd Virginia Wedding Photography

Kristin & Jacob were as “happy as a bird with a french fry” on their wedding day. This saying was displayed at their wedding reception and was so fitting! Guests came all the way from California to celebrate this marriage and to experience life in small town Floyd, Virginia. Floyd is also known for some amazing artists and two of these included Jacob’s parents, Brad Warstler and Ellen Shankin, custom furniture craftsman and pottery artist who are also part of 16 Hands. Ellen came up with a logo for the newlyweds which was seen on just about everything including the ceremony arbor, gift bags, reception cups Ellen made for all the guests, and some pretty impressive potato guns. Brad built the arbor and made several wooden pieces which decorated the reception space. After the ceremony at Brad’s family home, the guests headed to Dogtown Pizza, one of my favorite restaurants for some wood-fired pizza and dancing. The fun didn’t stop here, Kristin & Jacob spent an amazing honeymoon visiting Thailand and Cambodia!


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