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Mary & Chris | The Homestead Hot Springs Virginia Wedding Photography

Mary and Chris have known each other for years through work but it wasn’t until recently that they fell in love. In addition to their marriage, a merging of families took place with Mary’s daughter Lainey, and Chris’ twin daughters, Kellie and Kacie. All of their daughters are 9 years old which I thought was pretty incredible! The Homestead in Hot Springs, Virginia has always been a very special place for Mary and Chris. It is where they go for vacation getaways, where their daughters were first introduced, and where Chris proposed in the Spa Gardens. It was only right for the big wedding day to take place here. The ceremony and reception was held in the beautiful Crystal Ballroom with some impressive decorations of carolina blue, silver, and lots of candlelight. Their daughters played a major role in the ceremony and stood front and center to witness the action. After the exchange of rings, Mary and Chris gave necklaces with rings to each daughter as a promise. Afterwards the girls started the party by pulling everyone onto the dance floor and the fun continued from there!


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