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Sailing Adventure to the Bahamas Part 1

My sailing logo is no coincidence, I really do love to sail! This winter I was lucky enough to go on an amazing sailing adventure to the Bahamas during my off season. We started out in Tampa, Florida where we picked up a Leopard 44 catamaran that we purchased. From here we set sail around the southern tip of Florida to Ft. Lauderdale and then east across the Gulf Stream to the Bahamas where we are currently exploring. I have taken up the fine art of homeschooling during the trek and so far so good! We have tried many local Bahamian dishes including just about everything made with conch, peas and rice, and our favorite, rum cake. The days include island hopping, fishing, snorkeling at each island, kiteboarding, running on the beach, meeting new people, and lots of sailing. Below is a photo journal of our journey from Florida. More to come after we explore the Exumas!


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