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Celebrity Chef Tour 2014 | Palisades Restaurant Eggleston Virginia

This was the 5th year in a row that Shaena Muldoon has hosted the Celebrity Chef Tour benefiting the James Beard Foundation at her restaurant, The Palisades Restaurant in Eggleston, Virginia. As usual, it was a full house of happy guests, busy staff, and 7 amazing chefs including Blake Hartwick, Jay Pierce, Aaron Deal, Edwin Bloodworth, Emmanuel Delcour, Kevin White, and Devin Giles. While documenting the event, I did manage to get a few tastes in here and there and the flavors were incredible! Some of my favorites were the chicken liver mousse with pickled spring onion by Aaron Deal, the pork belly confit and smoked barbeque croquette by Blake Hartwick, and the lamb loin with miso-glazed sweet potatoes, stilton and arugula by Jay Pierce. If you haven’t been yet, it is well worth the experience!






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