Meghan & Adam | Stacy Sherwood Community Center Fairfax Virginia Wedding Photography

Meghan and Adam were married just a few days after Christmas making this my last wedding of such an amazing year! Meghan and Adam have known each for a long time and even went to high school together. After joining the Army, Adam is now stationed in Alaska so temperatures in the 50’s in Fairfax, Virginia on their wedding day must have been a wonderful change! Since Meghan was so far away, she put her Mom, Judy, in charge of all the wedding details and only asked for some orchids, one of her favorite flowers. Judy did a wonderful job planning all of the little details at the Stacy Sherwood Community Center using plum and sage green colors, lanterns, floating orchid centerpieces, and an amazing ceremony harpist who just happened to be a friend of the family!



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