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Oxford Maryland Family Photography | Hobson Family

*The following was written by my 8 year old son, Nolan, who loves descriptive writing!

The Hobson Family, a nice family strolling around Oxford, Maryland, being silly, fun, and more! Two brothers, Noah and Lucas love to play, have fun, and are very curious, messing around, being silly, and being great brothers! The Hobson Family love to stay in Oxford in the summer, and stay in Washington, DC for the rest of the year. Noah and Lucas loved the Tred Avon Yacht Club, finding sticks and walking on the jetty, thinking a stick was a snake!! They loved bouncing around and walking on the ferry dock. Molly and Blake, (the mother and father), love the two loving brothers! The Hobson family sure is very fun, awesome, silly, curious, and love each other!


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